Berber Massage with Argan Oil

Ancient ritual of well-being The Berber massage is a practice that fits within those rites of purification, very frequent in the Arab world. In addition to conveying a pleasant feeling of relaxation, this manipulative technique also helps relieve the muscle tension and eliminate stress, both physical and mental.

Also, thanks to the use of Argan oil, the benefits of this massage also extend to wellness and beauty of the skin. Deepen then features.

The Berber massage this is a ritual traditionally reserved for brides berbere, held about a week before the ceremony, at the end of the stay in the hammam. Here the body is purified and skin prepared to receive subsequent treatments.

More than a massage, in fact, we should speak of a wellness program, punctuated by very specific steps: Gommage Royale: body scrub with African Black SOAP and a special Exfoliating glove kessa called. This step frees the skin from dead cells and the grey patina of dust and pollution, to return freshness and brightness. The properties of olive oil present in the SOAP also nourish and soothe the skin.

Royal wrap: refers to a body mask based on Argan oil powered henna powder and ghassoul clay, in addition to fragrance oils – typically the Favorites of the bride. The application follows a moment of total relaxation and silence.

Berber massage: after washing away the compress, you move on to the actual body massage. The Berber massage lasts about an hour and starts from the feet and continue upward, both in the supine position that prone position. Can be played with two or four hands, with smooth and continuous. Handling also provides an alternation of delicate gestures more vigorous now, and now is facilitated by the use of Argan oil hot.

The ritual, then, is intended both to purification and renewal of body and mind, that the care of the beauty of the skin. If on the one hand, the various steps ensure deep relaxation techniques, and the other active ingredients used, aim to restore balance and well-being. A result achieved thanks, above all, the precious Argan oil quality.

l role of Argan oil in Berber massage is undoubtedly one of the most popular massage oil and used in spas and wellness centres, but its history goes back to far more ancient traditions.

Is extracted from the berries of Argania Spinosa, a plant native to southern Morocco, now heavily at risk due to drought and forest exploitation.

It is appreciated for its cosmetic and therapeutic quality, both for those nutrients, such as help against the bad cholesterol.

Among the many benefits of this oil, its antioxidant properties that protect skin against premature aging. It also encourages the hydration and elasticity. At the end of a Berber massage, therefore, our skin will look younger and firmer.

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