How to Recognize and Manage Stress

5 tips for dealing with serenity return to work after the holidays

The stress of re-entry doesn’t strike only at the end of the summer holidays but also winter temperatures. The resumption of work activities, in fact, implies a change in the slow pace and relaxed, you can get to cause anxiety and even a slight depression.

In response, however, a few precautions.

Stress symptoms from returning

By some estimates, indent – stress or post vacation blues, as is referred to in English – would suffer at least one Italian out of ten. Particularly at risk are those who have spent vacations are too long (longer than three weeks), or too short, insufficient so to enjoy a truly relaxing. Especially during the Christmas season, when some of the days “free” are actually dedicated to holidays and then to social engagements not properly rest.

So on the eve of the return to the Office, or at school, our nervous system sends us signs that we translate into: anxiety and nervousness; Irritability; Mood swings; Unwarranted fatigue; Sense of unease; Muscle tension; Tachycardia; Difficulty concentrating; Insomnia; Mild depression.

How to beat the stress of re-entry

Choose the right day the quickest and most direct way to get attack by stress from returning is to return home from holiday the day before resuming work. The body and mind in fact do not have time to elaborate the situation and are thrown abruptly from one State of being to a frenzy.

The same applies in case of return on Monday, with the week before. Start in the middle of the week, however, will have on the mind a less traumatic impact as closer to the weekend.

Getting enough sleep

It is clear that having to 8/10 hours of rest on holiday just 5/6 hours to drop off, is a traumatic enough experience for our physical. Better then not making the small hours, although sleep long in coming; You can help yourself pretty with a nice cup of herbal tea or chamomile tea before going to bed.

Similarly, it would be preferable to keep it away from your couch mobile devices such as Smartphones and computers, and avoid watching television before going to bed.

Resume gradually

Often the stress of re-entry is caused by the thought of the amount of work that lies ahead. However, you must keep in mind that it is impossible to complete all arrears in a single day. You have to prioritize and divide tasks according to their importance, allowing short but frequent breaks to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t forget the good customs

Essential to survive re-entry stress are healthy diets and a constant physical activity. Heavy foods, in fact, cause drowsiness and cloud the mind, making it more difficult to concentrate. Cleanse the body with a well-balanced diet, however, will increase the energy and productivity. Exercise also helps to stimulate the good mood and encourage the rest.

Set a positive goal

Generally, the worst aspect of the return to work is the amount of time that will elapse before the next vacation. That’s why it can be useful to give yourself a leisure to think about with anticipation during the week. Any activity will be fine, provided that it distracts from the commitments and the usual routine: a weekend away, a day spa, a game at the stadium. If then the melancholy just won’t go away, why not book your next vacation?

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