Massage with Hot and Cold Stones

Two massages whose assumptions rooted in the mists of time. Hot stone and cold stone: overtone treatments, able to give off a strong cathartic power since name that identifies them.

Hot Stone and Cold Stone

In short, what the earth since the darkest seasons and antediluvian made available for peoples and cultures, survives till nowadays after passing through different therapeutic approaches, mystical and shamanic magic.

Change in the method of use, the approach to hot stone becomes more tempered imaginary level, as well as stone cold sore on the back of a warrior is not mail but rather of a sporting spirit, thereby ceasing to build on its magical-religious thaumaturgy; in practice, however, the substance remains almost unchanged. We speak of a stone massage, otherwise renamed “healing stone therapy” or “hot stone massage” If hot; or alternatively “Cold Stone” If with chilled marble stones.

How Do I Use the Stone

The principle is simple, the result of an Alchemy so spontaneous as lit. The heat along with the weight and movement of the stone – choice based on its shape and its grandeur – dissolve demonstrations tensive. Slipping and positioning on the DermIS of Cold Stone relieves painful sensations, brings benefits to circulation, exercises a beneficial vasoconstriction.


Today as in the past to the choice of stones is given special attention. The reason is easily understood. Treatment needs to be articulated, rounded shapes, without angularity. These stones gently turned, in fact, will be placed in direct contact with the skin of the patient on the sidelines of its heating or cooling. In other words, the stone, but it would be better to say the stones of different sizes, are “loaded” infusion in water or dry.

The nature of the basaltic lava stone can say or if the intended use is “hot”. Materials in direct line with the regions, therefore, almost to embricare memory, reminiscence of the flame. Cold marble or quartz in methodology, in order to release the potential of the cold out of capillaries and blood vessels.

Hot Stone

Hot stones are placed on the dermis in combination with specific essential oils. The heat will relax the area. Gentle pressure, skimming stones weighted or slipping, will complement the benefits of fragrances.

There are, in fact, different philosophies of approach to the hot stone massage. The most interesting is holistic mold and invests the stones of power body energy arousing dormant. In other words, placing the pebbles along the spine, you would enable specific portals, energy points that govern different districts and bodily organs in order to release our chakras.

Inevitably, the energy pathways approach aims to soothe stress and dispelling anxiety.

Cold Stone

Otherwise, cold stone therapy uses ice to cool marble pebbles, which effectively intervene as vasoconstrictors, alleviating inflammation and pain, especially if caused by sports injuries.


If instead you are looking for a methodology able to counteract the inflammatory processes, we recommend the stone massage with hot and cold stones, therefore placed on the derma alternately. This technique, in fact, has a soft thermal contrast effect but at the same time a high impact on the nervous system and circulation, which will result in conditions to dispose of toxins more rapidly.


  • The benefits of the treatments with stones are therefore summarized in this way: antispasmodic Action and relaxing stay, whether for the spine that on specific muscle groups;
  • Easing of stress and anxiety due to the stimulation of endorphins;
  • Promotion of general welfare, both as law enforcement efforts towards the lymphatic system capabilities that insomnia so against water retention;
  • Finding new energy on the sidelines of the improved blood circulation;
  • Increase in skin tone (cold method) and safeguard action towards capillary rupture.


Not all patients might be suitable for this type of massage. We speak in deeds of men and women suffering from fragile capillaries or veins, as well as affected by skin infections or sores not fully healed. However, patients aware of circulatory disorders in charge must first go back to the doctor’s advice. The same applies to pregnant women, especially those at high risk.

Should finally refrain strictly those who are affected by rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, hernias, fractures or have recently undergone surgery.

Hot Stone Costs and Cold Stone

The average cost of a single performance with 40 minutes ‘ duration or above varies depending on the chosen methodology. Either way, however, we move in the Scissor 40-100 euro.

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